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3 NEW ITEMS ON OFFER ADDED on 22 July for 3 days only – all three in lovely warm chocolatey bronze shades.
Next change of items – 25 July

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Tiger Eye

Green Feathers

Red Tiger


Live radio show – Saturday 21 Feb!

The Wire Artisan Guild (and I’m a new happy new member of the Guild 😀 )  is having a LIVE radio show this Saturday 21 February at 1pm Etsy time (gmt -5hrs, US Eastern Time, 6pm UK time). This is an online radio and you can listen to it 24hours a day, just follow THIS LINK and be with us this Saturday 🙂 You can also use the chatroom (need to sigh up for user name first) and have a live conversation with us. I will be there for sure!

WAG radio show

Ilford Craft Fair

Yesterday I was in Ilford where the Wire Boutique I’m part of had its stall. Overnight journey by sleeper to London, underground and then overground to Ilford. And I didn’t get lost 😀 Well, usually I don’t get lost and I’m proud to have some sort of internal mind compass but as you may know London Underground can be confusing. Overwhelming… Difficult to follow?

London underground map

The day was cold. Freezing. FREEZING!!! Two of us: Cass – the Wire Boutique Manager and I, were sat in an open marquise 9am-3pm and we survived thanks to my sleeping bag and my spare jumper. The sleeping bag I only took for my journey as the Scottish trains tend to be cold and I hate being cold, especially at night, so I thought sleeping bag would be useful. And it was! We cuddled together and covered our legs with it to keep us warm, or at least not frozen. The jumper I had was just in case I’d be very cold but in reality I couldn’t put it on – I had 5 layers on already and it wouldn’t go under my jacket. It was perfect for Cass though 🙂

The stall and jewellery looked amazing!

ilford-11photo: courtesy of C. Lewis

ilford-2photo: courtesy of C. Lewis

ilford-3photo: courtesy of C. Lewis

It was only too cold…. people were walking by trying to get somewhere warm… Those who stopped would immediatelly be drawn to Stardust – one breathtaking piece made by Anna-Karin of Små Blå. The price is also breathteaking for the neckpiece is made of 14K goldfilled wire and gorgeous blue Sapphires…. For those who thought it was just glass beads and some cheap metal the price really was shocking!

At the end of the day (really, it was just 3pm and we just started packing as it was slowly getting dark)  we sold one piece and… it was my Frosty Morning! 😀 It’s an asymetrical, delicately oxidised necklace with one rare large Aquamarine nugget and some little Aquamarines and Apatites. Happy birthday to the Lady who will get it as her 50. birthday present!!! 🙂

Frosty Morning

The Wire Boutique will return to Ilford on 19 December and will also have a stall tomorrow and next Sunday (21 December) at a new open gallery in Ilford – and they have heating there, yey 😛

Need some sleep again – 2 nights in a row on a train is quite a tiring experience…