Morning walk

I took a walk this morning when it started to snow. I looked like a little snowman (snow-woman?) when got back home! It was beautiful white, gold and quiet… have a look.

on the way to Ness Isles, River Ness seen through Sycamore trees:

Magical Ness Isles in snow and water:

Seagulls by the River Ness:

Inverness Castle in snow:



This is my new theme for Autumn and I already created two pieces of jewellery: Weaving Autumn Mist and Weaving The Rainbow. For very confident women only!

Here in the north of Scotland we are now experiencing Autumn in its full splendor. Chilly and misty mornings, hills turning brown and trees slowly loosing their leaves – they all together create melancholic atmosphere when you dream of hot chocolate by the fireplace or at least a candle. One such evening I was browsing one of my beloved books with photos of Rene Lalique designs – the essence of Art Nouveau and I was contemplating the Peacock Brooch… and that was the beginning of the Weaving Autumn Mist pendant.

The earrings – a very feminine design was, similarly to the Weaving Autumn Mist pendant, inspired by  Rene Lalique masterpiece. This time, however, the hues are more vibrant and full of joy. It recalls the colour palette of a rainbow which I often see here in the Scottish Highlands when frequent and sudden showers together with strong autumn sunshine create heavenly arches; or like the turning leaves of sycamore tree I see on the hills.

Available exclusively at Wire Boutique 🙂

“Rain, rain, go to Spain…”

Well, it should not be an excuse not to write my blog! I have some excuse however: my head full of new designs, hours and hours spent on Internet searching for new exciting beads, tidying up all my papers, bills and documents and… few new pieces finally made. I am in the middle of designing and creating a new jewellery collection which will be for more sofisticated taste  – high quality cut gems and silver only wire, no more silver coated pieces 🙂

My first little pendant was inspired by this view:

This is River Ness just after pouring rain finished and just before started raining again…

“Quiet Moment” pendant was made in wire wrapping technique with Sterling Silver wire. AAA Freshwater Pearl sits in its heart and below dangle Labradorite plain drops glowing with blue fire. I added fresh green Vesuvianite little facetted rondelles in between and the hand made clasp is ornated with one little Peridot.

The next pendant I made on a very cloudy and gloomy day when I was trying to cheer up reading and browsing my Art Nouveau book. It did help 🙂 Round shell was ornated with AAA Freshwater Pearl and Sterling silver wire and hung on black satin cord. “Deep Water Treasure”:


Still thinking of Fuchsias

It took me longer than I expected but the pendant is finally ready. I needed to wait for white satin cord delivery as I decided no other colour would match the pendant’s delicate hues.

Another piece which has just been finished is this simple organic set created for Claire who asked me to make something with Amber:

Delicate earrings and a pendant (hanging on white satin cord) were wrapped with silver coated wire. As Amber makes Claire think of sweets I named the set “Candied Ginger” 🙂

Flower Power

Plants in my little garden have eventually decided to look properly and began to show not only green leaves – I can see some shy flower buds and even real flowers, hurray! There also are surprises like the rose shrub which according to its label should flower white but it’s definitely orange… still like it though 🙂

And this is what happens when I look at flowers too long 😉 : smooth drops of delicate Peach Jade and round Garnet beads weaved with sterling silver wire. A matching pendant in the spirit of Art Nouveau is almost finished.

Creative Sunday

I was asked few months ago to make a simple square-shape pendant and matching clips from Kyanite and Rock Crystal beads . Not easy task for me as geometric shapes are not really my cup of tea and I do prefer loops or waves – they form naturally in my hands. This design had to wait at the back of my head for some time and finally last Saturday it was ready thanks to memory of this certain view :

River Ness in March 

It was because of the unusual to me striking blue hue of Scottish rivers and lochs I had spent weeks searching for a stone which would have at least a drop of the blue shade. I had eventually found it: Kyanite and I still love it! This stone became a centre of attention in my last design. Deep blue of the river and pure white of its splashes were enclosed in a geometric silver frame… with few waves from my heart. “Framed River” set created on Sunday 🙂

Framed River set

Happy Birthday to me!

I love my Birthdays, I always feel very special even when anything really special happens – it’s just Magic 🙂

Yesterday at midnight I was still surfing Internet when I found in Kirstie’s fantastic shop something I was looking for for months – this blue beauty, a true blue almond! And I bought it as a birthday gift for myself 🙂 Now I need to be patient as it is coming all the way from US…

gorgeous blue iolite