Road To Orkney In Summer

Road To Orkney In Summer, originally uploaded by blue-almonds.

Commission, finished just before my trip to Tuscany.

Inspired by the original Road To Orkney bangle I created last Winter (you can read about it HERE). This one is a little less dramatic, softer like the North Sea in Summer. Sweet white Moonstone flash with deep blue sparkles and Kyanite adds the depth of calm blue water.
Heavily oxidised with the black patina just polished to delicately black matt shine. Medium size.


Black Band order

Custom made simple band ring – no stone, just the band. Wrapped with Sterling Silver wire of different thickness and littleSterling Silver round beads. Inspired by my faviourite Art Nouveau style πŸ™‚ The band is wide – 1cm, bold, and itself is a statement of style.


Muse rules…

It is my Muse who is a true queen in my workshop. Why is that? I had completly different design prepared when I started making this ring: I wanted it to be very geometric with a lovely triangle Agate cabochon. Just when I finished wrapping the band the Muse decided that rough natural Baltic Amber and organic finish are far more suitable… and my fingers followed her wish. Little sparklind Tourmaline is set in the centre of the Amber with a thin wire for even more misterious look. So… there is only the intricate band left from the original geometric design…350-5


All metal is Sterling Silver, oxidised to give the organic, natural touch, and polished to shine. The Amber measures 2×2.3cm, the little AAA microfaceted Tourmaline is 3mm.Β  Size: UK – N, US – 6 1/2, Polish 13, French – 52 3/4

Emerald Dragon for St Patric’s Day – on special offer ONLY today :)

Check my Blue Almonds shop or the Etsy one for the special offer πŸ™‚

This necklace was made as my contribution to the Wire Artisan Guild’s monthly challenge – “Emerald Island” for March. I din’t make special preparations: didn’t read about Celts, their culture or history. I just followed my thoughts. When I think about Ireland I see green colour, like green pastures and green softly rolling hills. I see sharp steps of cliffs and red-headed people. I remember it was recently the fastest developing country in Europe. And all that I tried to include in the necklace: green Malachite, soft curves hand weaved with Sterling Silver, sharp steps and hand weaved Copper band – the connection with Ireland’s Celtic origin. Very bold and modern design, delicately oxidised for organic look. Hand polished, hand buffed.



Spring rings

After finishing that challenging order I needed simplicity – hence my new asymmetric rings, colourful and very good for Spring πŸ™‚

Dark Night with Kyanite:

Dark Night

Golden Parcel with Amber and Freshwater Pearls:

Golden Parcel

Rose Parcel with Rhodochrosite and Freshwater Pearls:

Rose Parcel

Light My Fire with Carnelian:

Light My Fire

Little Parcel with Polish Banded Flint and Agate:

Little Parcel

More roses

I fell in love with this Mackintosh’s design and created more roses… all the earrings are delicate and romantic but perfect for everyday wear πŸ™‚

Rose in Dusk with Smoke Quartz and Carnelian, the most geometric and dramatic version:

Rose In Dusk

Rose and The Moon with Mother Of Pearl, Garnet and Grey Spinel:

Rose and The Moon

and the sweetest one – Rose and Candy with Peridot and Apatite:

Rose and Candy

This one is mine

I bought the stone as a special treat for myself long time ago in Warsaw, in an old workshop of a lapidary artist . It’s a dark Smoke Quartz cabochon, hand cut in an unusual pattern. Until the last Friday I didn’t really know what to do with it . I only knew I wanted a ring but that was it. That day I just sat at the work table and started wrapping – my hands knew perfectly what do do. I made it asymmetrical because I like asymmetrical πŸ™‚ The ring tells a story (like all my pieces) of Winter slowly making place for Spring. The wintry side has one darkΒ  micro-faceted Tourmaline and the Spring side got a Vesuvianite. Both sesons have the smallest Freshwater pearls i’ve ever seen (1mm!) – they make snow flakes for Winter and Snowdrops for Spring. Heavily oxidised and hand polished for more dramatic effect. I’m keeping it πŸ˜€

beginning of work, in white silver:

beginningafter oxidising, showing stone nest:

stone nest

Winter side:


Spring side:


on my hand πŸ™‚

my ring

Heart Nouveau

Love is in the air… Simple yet elaborated, sweet and light, asymmetrical, elfish a little… this pendant is a silhouette of love and affection with the spirit of Art Nouveau. I created it with deep blue colours which surround me here in Scotland brightened up by sudden dazzle of sunshine, especially this time of year. Handcrafted from scratch in silver wire of various thickness, wrapped and weaved with love and tiny little silver beads. To give that mysterious deep shade of blue I added smooth polished Lapis Lazuli rounds and hung one Lapis Lazuli focal in unusual and rare oval cut. I also added some little micro-faceted Moonstone beads flashing with blue light. Four little smooth Carnelian rounds, one fine orange Mandarin Garnet smooth briolettle and two caramel micro-faceted Spinel rounds bring warmth and joy like the early spring sunshine. The pendant hangs on a delicate creamy organza ribbon.

Heart Nouveau 1

Heart Nouveau 2

When you are soft hearted…

… you probably get more work than you really want for a Friday night when all you’ve planned is a pizza (home made, gorgeous :D), a good book and a cup of tea (and one big order still waiting to be finished but already scheduled for tomorrow).

This afternoon, around 4pm, when I was walking back home from my part-time job I got a phone call from Michal asking me whether I could help his friend who needs a birthday gift for his girlfriend. He said that the friend wanted to buy a neckpiece but he couldn’t find any that he would like and could afford. And the birthday is tomorrow! So, the idea was – he would buy one of my pieces. That’s just fantastic, I thought, nice ending of the week.

The guys turned up 5min later and we went through the few pieces IΒ  stock at home. He found them too expensive though… Now – because I already mentioned I’m soft hearted and couldn’t think of leaving that guy (whom I just met) with no gift for his girlfriend (whom I don’t even know) I offered to make something. I still had a few hours and he wanted something simple, so I didn’t see any problems at that time. He chose a purple silver-lined glass bead for the pendant and saying that he’d be back at 11pm was gone.

I had my gorgeous pizza (Margherita by the way, with the best Pesto Genovese ever!), took a shower and completely relaxed sat at my work table. Then, after 10min I realised it’s already 8pm and I have 3 hours left to make an EASY pendant!!!Β  EASY and I?! Not good at all, I can’t make simple and I do like to have at least one night for the finishing touches. I was wrapping getting more and more stressed and angry, all the time concentrated at that purple glass bead and was thinking: if I only had that one night, it’d be much better if it was to do by tomorrow, not by tonight! Purple… Tomorrow… Purple. Tomorrow. Purple!

I finished the piece just after 10pm, set up the table for a photo shots and managed to take 10 when the guy turned up. He was 45min earlier, grrrr. Well, I took 2 more photos, packed the neckpiece nicely in a box and made one guy happy. Hopefully the girl will like it as much as I do.

Want to see it? Here you are – Tomorrow Is Purple necklace πŸ˜€ Tomorrow Is Purple

Tomorrow Is Purple 2silver lived glass, 2mm smooth round Garnets, micro-faceted Quartz, Sterling Silver

The photos are bit red-pink as I had to take them in the night by normal lamp light.

Last minute orders

One of my last pieces before Christmas… there is one more – a ring I just finished and still need to take photos of. Probably will upload them in New Year πŸ˜›
It was a custom order and I got an inspirational photo from the customer together with description saying “just before or during a storm at dusk by the sea/water” :

Aurora Borealis inspiration

The stone I found that would be suitable for this order was beautiful and unusual stone – Spectrolite, a material from Finland with wonderful colours said to resemble the northern lights. The colours are reflective and appear different when the stone is moved or in different light – from grey-black to bright gold and blue. The cabochon was hand cut in England. I wrapped it with Sterling Silver wire and oxidised it naturally. The pendant can be worn both sides – one is wilder and more decorative when the other is rather simple. There is one tiny little Peridot hidden in the wrapping – a surprise for the customer πŸ™‚

Aurora Borealis 1

Aurora Borealis 2

Aurora Borealis 3

I also made some ginger cookies yesterday πŸ˜€

ginger cookies