Emerald Dragon for St Patric’s Day – on special offer ONLY today :)

Check my Blue Almonds shop or the Etsy one for the special offer 🙂

This necklace was made as my contribution to the Wire Artisan Guild’s monthly challenge – “Emerald Island” for March. I din’t make special preparations: didn’t read about Celts, their culture or history. I just followed my thoughts. When I think about Ireland I see green colour, like green pastures and green softly rolling hills. I see sharp steps of cliffs and red-headed people. I remember it was recently the fastest developing country in Europe. And all that I tried to include in the necklace: green Malachite, soft curves hand weaved with Sterling Silver, sharp steps and hand weaved Copper band – the connection with Ireland’s Celtic origin. Very bold and modern design, delicately oxidised for organic look. Hand polished, hand buffed.




2 thoughts on “Emerald Dragon for St Patric’s Day – on special offer ONLY today :)

  1. Hi Anna, fabulous work, you are very talented.

    The texture and detail. Rewarding but no doubt time conusming, especially with your piece for the wire guild.

    Still trying to get your pictures to load on working reflections, so for the moment you’ll have to be an “honoury” member” !

    Have a good day, E+D

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was time consuming indeed, actually almost all my pieces are! But I love the work 🙂

      I would be honoured to be a member of your group, Flock is sometimes funny…

      Greetings from sunny Inverness 🙂 Anna

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