This one is mine

I bought the stone as a special treat for myself long time ago in Warsaw, in an old workshop of a lapidary artist . It’s a dark Smoke Quartz cabochon, hand cut in an unusual pattern. Until the last Friday I didn’t really know what to do with it . I only knew I wanted a ring but that was it. That day I just sat at the work table and started wrapping – my hands knew perfectly what do do. I made it asymmetrical because I like asymmetrical 🙂 The ring tells a story (like all my pieces) of Winter slowly making place for Spring. The wintry side has one dark  micro-faceted Tourmaline and the Spring side got a Vesuvianite. Both sesons have the smallest Freshwater pearls i’ve ever seen (1mm!) – they make snow flakes for Winter and Snowdrops for Spring. Heavily oxidised and hand polished for more dramatic effect. I’m keeping it 😀

beginning of work, in white silver:

beginningafter oxidising, showing stone nest:

stone nest

Winter side:


Spring side:


on my hand 🙂

my ring


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