Last minute orders

One of my last pieces before Christmas… there is one more – a ring I just finished and still need to take photos of. Probably will upload them in New Year 😛
It was a custom order and I got an inspirational photo from the customer together with description saying “just before or during a storm at dusk by the sea/water” :

Aurora Borealis inspiration

The stone I found that would be suitable for this order was beautiful and unusual stone – Spectrolite, a material from Finland with wonderful colours said to resemble the northern lights. The colours are reflective and appear different when the stone is moved or in different light – from grey-black to bright gold and blue. The cabochon was hand cut in England. I wrapped it with Sterling Silver wire and oxidised it naturally. The pendant can be worn both sides – one is wilder and more decorative when the other is rather simple. There is one tiny little Peridot hidden in the wrapping – a surprise for the customer 🙂

Aurora Borealis 1

Aurora Borealis 2

Aurora Borealis 3

I also made some ginger cookies yesterday 😀

ginger cookies


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