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It came to this point when managing this place began to take over too much of my time. To be honest editing the posts and photos would take more of my time than writing up.  I decided to move on to a new place and from now on you will find me AT THIS ADDRESS

Thank you for your company here and hope to see you soon!



Road To Orkney In Summer

Road To Orkney In Summer, originally uploaded by blue-almonds.

Commission, finished just before my trip to Tuscany.

Inspired by the original Road To Orkney bangle I created last Winter (you can read about it HERE). This one is a little less dramatic, softer like the North Sea in Summer. Sweet white Moonstone flash with deep blue sparkles and Kyanite adds the depth of calm blue water.
Heavily oxidised with the black patina just polished to delicately black matt shine. Medium size.

Chanterelles and the “hunters” ;)

We’ve found some secret places in the area we live – they are the chanterelles places! We love wild mashrooms – picking them is fun and eating them is even more fun! These taste best when fried on butter, just with a pinch of salt and pepper. Tonight we’re going to have them also with a fresh bread which I baked myself 🙂

Mirtillo Rosso for Cranberry

Mirtillo Rosso is an Italian name for Cranberry. This delicate asymmetric bracelet is adorned with little facetted Garnets of such fresh and juicy colour, like the tue Cranberries on meadow. To bring the ruby red even more out I arranged the Garnets together with soft and subtle greys of Polish Banded Flint. The clasp is hand made in a shaped of little rose and is adorned with tiny silver beads. Oxidised to black and hand polished to shine. All metal is Sterling Silver. The bracelet is 21cm long which is the equivalent of Medium size.

Mirtillo Rosso

Mela Canella

Mela Canella means Cinnamon Apple and this is the colour combination I chose for this sweet necklace. Golden yellows and oranges, caramel and chocolatey bronze were achieved using natural Baltic Amber of different shades and one amazing handmade ceramic bead. The bead I bought years ago in an art gallery in Poland and couldn’t part with it for long time. It is of the softest blue with hint of purple and its smooth surface reflects light like a mirror. Hand wrapped with Sterling Silver wire the necklace was made with cold connections only – no soldering, only pure wire wrapping.

Mela Canella

Sale33 update

These 3 beauties are on 33% offer from 16 till 19 July. It’s 3 days only! Check them out HERE

The earrings, bangle and the ring are part of my Polish Diamond Collection and feature a unique stone: Banded Flint known also as “Polish Diamond”. It is found only in one place in the world – Krzemionki Opatowskie in Southern Poland. Beautiful natural grey and white earthy stripes are typical for the stone and create different pattern every time the stone is cut and polished. Since the stone is no longer mined it is very rare and seldom used in jewellery.

Grey Cubes Earrings

Grey Cube Bangle

Little Parcel

Sale 33 begins…

This year in June I turned 33 and I like this number 🙂 Also this year, in April, Blue Almonds celebrated their first birthday and to meke this year even happier I just moved from the Inverness city to the countryside – to a house where I have my own studio! I want to share my happiness with you and therefore I’m announcing a big fun SALE – exclusively on Etsy !!!

Every 3 days 3 different items will be reduced by 33% – check them out in the SALE 33.  Old designs and some new jewels too but remember – each item in the sale will be on the offer only once!!!
The Sale33 starts today with:

– The Ray Of The Autumn Sun necklace

– Waterworld bangle

– Mexican Dream earrings

Make the 13th of July your lucky day 😀

Have fun 🙂